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Metatronic Healing

Metatronic Healing is an angelic healing method that is guided by the healing energies of Archangel Metatron. You will experience with beautiful gentleness and grace, the Metatronic frequencies which are soft, loving, powerful vibrations of light-energy, bringing peace of mind, holistic health, aspirations and creativity.

Metatronic Healing helps to "remove the story" of ancient traumas. It is a deep-reaching healing method that re-calibrates your energy system to raise your frequency. 

You may have an injury that has not fully healed, be experiencing a difficult relationship, recurring pattern in your life or situation that you feel it is time to heal.

Metatronic Healing can flush out dense fears, destructive emotions, restrictive behaviour patterns and limiting beliefs held deep within the cellular memory of the body and the energy system, dissolving whatever stands in the way of our true spiritual nature.

Metatronic Healing activates the heart centre and releases blocks. It gently, progressively dissolves the thought forms of fear and lack that prevent you from achieving what you want and need in your life.

The effort consumed holding these blocks in place is gently released. This can change the way you view things, promoting physical and emotional health and make way for love.

At the beginning of a session you can discuss where you wish to focus. Then the powerful healing frequencies of Archangel Metatron are brought in to release tension, calm you down, bring you back together, support you in letting go of old and outworn patterns, boost your life force, your immunity and your spirit.

You may have found that the same issues or illnesses undermine your well-being again and again, despite having healing or other therapies. If this is your experience, then Metatronic healing acts at a very deep level, to remove these roots from the body.


  • Free yourself from limiting beliefs
  • Release traumas and shocks from your body
  • Gain the confidence to move forward in your life
  • Reclaim your authentic power

Metatronic Energies

A number of energy techniques may be used in any combination to meet a huge number of needs. Gentle, waves of energy penetrate to the root of the internal blocks, dissolving, lightening and clearing the negativity from these areas, increasing your light, your love, your power; potential, and bring deep-acting and positive change in your health, your relationships, your sense of purpose and your fulfilment.  The energies continue to work through your body and your psyche long after the session, to bring about rebalancing, strengthening and a whole new level of freedom.


"My heart is more open, my eyes are more clear, my body more calm and energetic. I feel much more awake, alive and in love with being alive."

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Metatronic Healing

“After a month of pain in my shoulder which has
impacted my sleep, I was actually able to sleep on
it last night and the pain did not wake me.”

Maria Lonergan

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