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Aqua Detox™

Detox your body with Aqua Detox™ whilst immersing your feet in water. Aqua Detox™ is a revolutionary way to detoxify and re-balance your body. Whilst immersing your feet in water in the apparatus, the body re-balances its Bio-Energetic Field, which plays an important part in regulating the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and the proper excretion of waste products (toxins) out of the body via the 2000 pores in the soles of each foot. The water changes colour due to the release of toxic substances.

The after effect can be energizing, promote a feeling of wellbeing, lightness, mental clarity, increased energy, loss of bloating, relief from constipation and clearer, glowing skin. It can be used to improve:

Arthritis Menstrual problems
Circulation Liver and kidney function
Mercury and heavy metal detoxification Generally to balance the whole body
Headaches Enhance wellbeing
General metabolism

Sit and listen to relaxing music and watch your toxins wash away!

Talk to Diana Menzies-Smith about Detoxing, Cleansing and Balancing your Microbiome and your Skin with Synergy Worldwide Products.  Purify, Fortify and Protect your Body. 

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Purify Cleanse and Fortify your Microbiome: 16771234.synergyworldwide.com 

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“After a month of pain in my shoulder which has
impacted my sleep, I was actually able to sleep on
it last night and the pain did not wake me.”

Maria Lonergan

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