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The "Face Lift" Massage

Enjoy an Ayurvedic Facial and Marma point massage that detoxes, deeply cleanses and nourishes your skin making it feel healthy and glowing.  Pamper yourself with this revitalising treatment that hydrates and firms the skin making you feel good and look great.  The gentle massage of the energy points on your face rebalance and stimulate healthy regeneration.

Using only a natural plant mask, natural oils and warm cloths to deeply cleanse the pores, you can achieve what is often referred to as a non surgical "Face Lift" massage.

Enquire about Skin Care Products to help your skin look and act younger at a cellular level. Cleanse, Fortify and Protect Your Skin.

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Indian Head Massage
The Face Lift Massage
Aqua Detox
Metatronic Healing

“After a month of pain in my shoulder which has
impacted my sleep, I was actually able to sleep on
it last night and the pain did not wake me.”

Maria Lonergan

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