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Tuesday, 12 April 2011 14:38

Did you know that the entire blood supply passes through the back of the eyes every two hours and that sunlight sterilises the blood? So we need to be exposed to healthy forms of light! (Being exposed to the wrong type of light causes sickness.) A Bowen course with Nicola Hok, on "How to Treat Yourself with Bowen" was amazing. We studied the Superficial Fascia, excellent revision of the Human Fascia Dissection course I did at Imperial College, Charing Cross Hospital. "As you delve into the Human Body, you find not only what is in that person's form but what lives within your own form." Superficial fascia is a bright yellow, beautiful fleece of areolar connective tissue just below the skin, which does an amazing job. It is a sliding system with brilliant liquid connections between vacuoles. (In Bowen, the fascia is the area we are addressing in the moves, to empower the body to heal itself.)
The group I was with dissected the fascia of two male cadavers. Another group of students in the laboratory dissected the brain. We were allowed to sensitively and respectfully pick up and hold all the organs in a female cadaver and replace them. It was the most incredible feeling. It was like seeing a mirror of yourself. "What we beheld was a rare vision of beauty: the entire superficial fascia of the human form as a unity - a glorious, shapely yellow fleece. An essential aspect of our bodily life previously under-appreciated and overlooked. It's an experience of being touched - every time you touch, you are touched." The Human Fascia Dissection Course helped me to understand the inherent complexity of superficial fascia, the first loose connective tissue just beneath the skin, commonly known as the adipose ... or fat. Society and modern fashion these days thinks "thin". But, WE NEED TO FALL IN LOVE WITH OUR FAT! The energy of the adipose contributes to the energy of the body. It emits and absorbs frequencies that are characteristic to their structure. The living adipose (superficial and deep fascia) is liquid energy and raw power suspended in a web of conductive collagen and connective fibres. The fascia emits a powerful charge which carries an inherent emotional charge. This coating of fat is a living antennae. It is a great sense organ, a sensual wrap which carries the electro chemical pathways to the brain in the skull and to our gut. It is the sliding tissue to be found throughout the body which anchors the muscles and tendons, the communication network comprising fibrils and fibrous structures. Tensegrity allows the organs to slide together, and it affects all structures. Muscles support our skeleton not the other way round. Our body works by tensegrity. Muscles hold the body upright. The superficial fascia generates electrical fields when stretched and pulled in gratitude. It enables a sensitive person to listen to the environment at a very deep level. Feminine intuition, feminine power is inherent in this layer in men and women. When we diminish fat, especially with liposuction, we miss out on the gift our "beatification" gives us. So over the weekend, I brushed up on my knowledge of the fascia whilst revisiting Human Fascia dissection (thanks to Gil Hedley and Nicola Hok). (If you are not faint-hearted you can visit - Integral Anatomy on dissecting the human fascia www.gilhedley.com and his "Fascia and Stretching the Fuzz" YouTube Speech. This should certainly encourage you to do your exercises in the morning! (It does carry very adult material, so be prepared.) So how will the "Wisdom on The Human Body" and knowledge I have gained from this course HELP YOU? By being able to give myself treatments, I shall be increasing my own energy, vibration, sensitivity and awareness of the incredible structure and healing abilities of each any every Bowen move. YOU SHOULD NOW RECEIVE AN EVEN MORE EFFECTIVE TREATMENT! This amazing Bowen technique leaves me totally in awe of its capabilities as we worked from a distance on each other and on a surrogate. (If a person is in a wheelchair or unable for whatever reason to receive a treatment themselves, due to immobility, hospitalization, burns, etc. the surrogate holds the patient's hand and the Bowen Practitioner performs the moves on the surrogate, with the intention of it being received by the patient. The results are astonishing! It is a bit like turning on a light. When you switch on a light switch - the light comes on. You know the wiring is in the house, but you can't see it, however, the light comes on!) Shortly after I qualified as a Bowen Practitioner in 2000 I was asked to give Bowen to a terminal cancer patient, who sadly had been given 4 weeks to live, the month before I was called in. The patient's family welcomed me warmly into their home and I was blessed to be able to give him Bowen treatment for an amazing seven weeks up to his final passing. His family and I watched the changes within him as he came to a place of peace and acceptance, joy and gratitude for his life. The peace and pain relief he received at the end was a true blessing. LIFE IS SUCH A SPECIAL GIFT. MAY WE ALL ENJOY IT AS FULLY AND ACTIVELY AS WE CAN.

“When you touch me something happens... when you performed
the shoulder moves, it was like waves going through me.”

Gabriele Schwan, Fitness Instructor
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