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"I work in IT and met Diana when I was in agony with a frozen shoulder, terrible neck and back pain and my whole body overtaken by stress, aches and pains. After one initial session my stress levels started to dispel away, my frozen shoulder and neck pain retrieved and the best side effect - my energy levels soared and so did my happiness. I find Bowtech Therapy - a phenomenal technique that is amazingly non-invasive whilst resolving issues at the root and core.

Diana has a very professional yet warm approach that won me over instantly and after having attended the second session, I have decided to recommend Diana and Bowtech to others as well as trust her with my well being. Thank you Diana!

I. Childs, Consulting Director"

"You did me so much good yesterday, Diana and I thank God that you are in my life - especially at the moment! The headache was banished; whereas, usually, it might last at least another day.

I slept, though not brilliantly, so I feel armed and ready for whatever the day with my parents can throw at me which would definitely not have been the case if I'd felt like I did yesterday.

Can't thank you enough! Will be in touch with the results of the MRI scan and x-ray in due course. Ray feels so much better, too although he did wake with a bit of discomfort in the left shoulder again. Once he's up and about, that tends to dissipate.

God Bless,


"Fate acts in mysterious ways..... I never thought for a second that I would stumble across the Bowen Technique.

My plan that day was a far cry from healing my neck which had plagued me for the last twelve months.

I simply want to say thank you. Thank you for taking the pain away. Thank you for listening and supporting me. Thank you for giving me back a pain free life without having to resort to analgesia which I was heavily reliant on.

Here I am three months post treatment completely recovered. I knew from my very first session with you Diana that you were going to make me better when I left your house after the first consultation and drove to the "T" junction at the top of your road and I was able to look right for oncoming traffic with ease. I was in shock because even driving had become stressful due to my reduced range of skull/neck mobility.

I can’t tell you what a difference the treatment has made to my everyday activities of daily living. I think of you often and from the bottom of my heart I want to say thank Diana for making such a huge difference to my life.

I sincerely hope that others will see how they can benefit from such a wonderful therapy.

I shall forever hold you in high esteem and as you know I come from a very conventional medical background and I was truly amazed at the results.

Take Care.

I wish you well.

Many Thanks

Love Ann Parkes

x "

"Bowen is subtle and mystical".

"You give the body information and the body decides what it is going to do with it."

"It changed my life and changed a lot of other people's lives."

"It did for me what Doctors and physiotherapy could not do."

"So subtle, it works on so many layers."

"Dynamic, deeply relaxing."

"Very powerful, very effective."

"Very challenging, people have to rethink about their body and their life.Bowen permeates the body and makes people think about how their body should be."

"I do congratulate you, because it must be you and not the Doctors. I haven't had a single stomach bloating or cramp for 6 weeks."

"It is amazing".

“I cannot believe that, after just one treatment, I feel so
different and I can’t wait to see you again next Wednesday.”

Maria Lonergan
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