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Reiki can alleviate pain, accelerate your body's ability to heal itself and dissolve mental, emotional and spiritual problems. Enjoy a deep sense of relaxation as your body receives this powerful form of hands on healing. You will remain fully clothed, either sitting in a chair or lying on a couch, whilst Diana gently lays her hands on or above your body in a series of positions. You may feel tingling sensations or pleasant feelings of warmth or coolness, as Reiki flows to where it needs to go! Its benefits are far reaching. Reiki "Universal Life Force Energy", was discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese monk and scholar, in the late 1880's. As harmony is restored to your body, your health can be improved and maintained. Experience love, health, happiness, empowerment and peace. Benefits include:

Pain relief Accelerated healing
Chronic Diseases Deep Relaxation
Increased energy Stress Management
Sleeplessness Enhancing personal awareness

Diana Menzies-Smith is a Reiki Master/Teacher

07956 390 109

“After a month of pain in my shoulder which has
impacted my sleep, I was actually able to sleep on
it last night and the pain did not wake me.”

Maria Lonergan

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